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September 26, 2014


Carole Rothweiler

That was the most respectable and reasonable conversation I have seen on this issue...thank you...

Jonathan Rynd

It seems like you're basing your assertion that "a majority of native americans support the team name" on statements made by Snyder and the NFL press office. Those statements are based on a survey done in 2004 (10 years ago) intended for native americans that asked whether they are offended by the team name or not bothered by it.

10 years is a long time, and "not bothered" is not the same thing as "wants to keep the name". Doesn't mean your conclusion is wrong, but it's not supported by the survey.

(Some of the tribes visited by the team during their goodwill tour claim that the issue of the name was never brought up.)

I got that from this Sports Illustrated article -- it is well-researched and shows that the issue is a lot more complicated than either the league or the activists are presenting it.


Also, do you think Snyder's lawsuit against the activists is going to help public opinion or hurt it?


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