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November 09, 2012


Chuck Wolk

Thanks for the memories of pain. I think I'll now turn off the lights, close the shades and head to bed as I have every-time a sure win dream season ended in heartbreaking disappointment.

My biggest disappointment, was the game Anderson missed his only field goal of the year, but to make things worse, Denny told Cunningham to kneel down on 3rd and 17 with 30 seconds and two timeouts left in regulation. Instead of trying a long pass to Moss as we had done all season, Greene decided to take a chance in OT in the NFC Championship game against Atlanta.

(Although the bitter Hail Mary loss is a very close second)

ESPN ranks the kneel down as the 9th worst coaching decision in sports history. That includes all sports of all time. Les Steckle may have been the worse head coach the Vikes ever had, but Denny (aka Re-Run) Greene was the least disciplined coach in Viking history.

(I don't use the name Re-Run for him as a racist connotation in any way, but because my wife called him Re-Run due to him always playing the drums before his weekly shows)

Anyway, it's well established that the Vikings under Re-Run were well known for always bickering on the sidelines, and that was probably the biggest reason one of the most talented teams in Viking history never reached their potential.

I miss the days of Bud (Stone Face) Grant. I remember the day a rookie ran a punt back for a touchdown. He came to the sideline and expected Grant to shower him with praise. Instead Bud benched him for the remainder of the game for ignoring his order to fair catch the ball. Discipline, that is what builds great dynasty's, and that is why Grant was so good.

The first thing he did when he became the head coach, was to train the players to stand in a line and pay respect to the flag during the national anthem. I think it was Carl Eller who wondered what this was all about, until he saw the way that discipline made them a better team. Sometimes it's the little things we ignore that keeps us from reaching our potential.

If Bud Grant had the offensive weapons of Carter, Moss, and Smith with his defense and Fran the man, history would be written about the great Viking Dynasty of the "70"s, instead of the great team that couldn't win the big one.

Sorry for my rant, but I bleed purple, and our team has a bye.

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