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December 03, 2008



Where's the voting buttons? I want #2!


i have (of course) 4 comments...

1. i'm still bitter i missed it but forgive you a little bit since i got to see it here

2. childress (never again to be called chilly now that a far cuter and cuddlier penguin owns the name) wouldn't smile if he won the superbowl and the lottery simultaneously

3. i like your theory of expecting failure for the season as it seems to keep working each week (i'll keep the hope alive)

4. don't forget to get two tickets!


ok 2 more...

1. boo hiss doug! :P

2. boo hiss the williams boys and the nfl chief counsel and anyone else who might completely screw this up for the vikings!!!

Jay Jorgenson

I have those same four upsets going on, but there's one that I have where Jared Allen tears his ACL sacking Daunte this weekend, and then Gus Bus gets a knee injury, and T-Jack plays out the rest of the season, losing all four games in his constant scrambling.



you guys are depressing me! i much prefer this scenario...

1. the williams boys avoid suspension but are very very sorry for their actions and never do it again

2. the vikes sustain no injuries and they win all their remaining games

3. we land in the superbowl against the jets (in which tarvaris is water boy)...and proceed to decimate them (i'm thinking something like 52-3)

4. then we all go over to favre's house and do the "we won the superbowl and you're a putz bucket" dance on his front lawn

now isn't that happy?



7 Turnovers.

7777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777. . . .turnovers.

I say nothing more.

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