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January 14, 2008


Jay Jorgenson

Cal Ripken sabotaged lights. I thought only Chuck Norris had that ability. Cal must be Chuck Norris' brother or something. Anyways, the Idhtt excuse is more of a fail safe. Like when Someone starts yelling at you about forgetting to do something, u simply press the big red shiny IDHTT button and drop it. thus, all ends well....maybe

Micah L.

JJ, do you realize that you post more on my blog than on your own?


Great post, Micah, I like this perspective; the way you've made it a competitive challenge as a reflex to overcome those nasty days of laziness.

You might also call it: "The Brett Favre consecutive start your day in the Word plan" ... but knowing you, that's not likely to happen.

Yogi Taylor

Micah, I have to admit... I was thinking (at first) this idea of "keeping the streak alive" was a little cheesy.

But your post has stuck with me. I read it on Monday, and I find myself on Thursday, thinking about it again and again.

I think that there is wisdom in this. It certainly prompted me to think hard on the last time I missed my QT with the Lord.

So I say... This is a very good post; it kept me thinking for days about it! Keep up the good work!


Micah L.

The streak came to an end on September 8, 2010. Time to start a new one.

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