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January 28, 2008



I didn't watch the video, but reading through your account I couldn't help but think of the Corinthian church. I don't know if it looked anything like the charismaniac churches we have now, but there definitely seems to be some parallels. Recently I've been convicted of the need to pray for people like this and Joel Osteen. Perhaps God will grant them mercy leading to repentence. I guess all we can do is pray. Hope your investigations yield much fruit :)

Yogi Taylor

I really got a kick out of the video! That trash was funny!!!!



Good post. Been there, done that. Few laps for excerise is good but there is nothing there for spiritual health. I think most people, like myself, take off when they start reading their Bible.


Wow. I was engrossed in this post. Thankfully, this mutant stream of Christianity alluded me in childhood.

To the point of this church's message: Money and Healing; I have been thinking this week (because I'm reading it in Scripture) about Jesus' words, "Follow me. Be my disciple. Go, and sin no more. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you."

As nice and appropriate as it is to pray to "receive Jesus into our hearts," the daily taking up our cross to follow Him, is where it's really at.

I used to wonder how I could pray "The Sinner's Prayer," but keep on sinning...

Former member

Unfortunetly it's churches like this that give Christianity a bad name. My entire family was also there. It was 15 years ago and we still feel the effects of the spiritual abuse we suffered. We are now involved in a wonderful church but we still know people who go there. There is a great book about this. It's called The subtle power of spirtual abuse. I believe the church has turned into a cult. Currently things have gotten really bad. The pastor has just announced that he will marry his ex daughter-in-law. He has divided his family. The circumstances behind this announcement are so sick that you wouldn't believe it if I told you. Kare 11 might have a story before too long. This church should have been shut down long ago. If there are any former members out there please pray for the Matthews children and grandchildren as they are just victims and are or will be hurt badly. We all have suffered in silence too long.

Barbara Heinitz

Bill Matthews was married to my beautiful cousin, who died this year. He couldn't "afford" health insurance, and she believed that God would heal her cancer. When she died, Bill proclaimed that she was cancer free just days before. I've known him since 1972, the Jesus People Church era. I attended one service probably 18 years ago and watched him pace back and forth, talking in gibberish "tongues", pushing people to the floor. 3 hours of crap. No message, except give money and you'll be healed. He's now planning to marry his daughter in law (26 years old), after he counseled her to divorce his son. He's very evil. This is not Christianity. This is cult.

formerly brainwashed

I would like to remain anonymous, but I grew up under Bill Matthew's teaching. I have recently walked away and cannot believe the persecution I have endured from the very people who are supposed to have loved and cared about me my whole life. I guess it was never real. I have read the book mentioned by someone earlier, "the subtle power of spiritual abuse". It was somewhat helpful in identifying what is going on there, but now what? Like you said, Micah, the children are the ones who suffer. How do you think Bill's granddaughter will do growing up with grandpa as dad? How do you think his other grandchildren will feel that she is his favorite, and they can never be good enough to deserve or earn his love? The sad part is that the people who are still in that will never see it is wrong until they leave. But why will they ever leave if they can't see anything is wrong? If him marrying his daughter in law is not enough for them to see, what will be?


I knew the Matthews family when they were in MI. Beautiful children. I had no idea. I will pray for them. I pray that God will rescue the children and grandchildren as well as the rest of the congregates from this evil man. How could anyone go along with him marrying his 26 yr. old daughter in law?

God will certainly judge him. I am so glad that former members have broken free and found the truth. God is so merciful. God bless you all. You are in my prayers.


Thank you for writing your experiences down for people to read. It will allow others to see that they are not alone.

I would like to remain anonymous but would also like to point something out.
"Not being able to afford health insurance"... is crap!!! Matthews could of had state aid for insurance however he didn't qualify. The reason being is because that matthews had back taxes with federal and state liens on the property of the church; which is also in his personal name. MN law requires a person to have the tax debt satisfied and current- with proof of taxes filed for previous year, in order to qualify for state health insurance or any state aid for that matter. So one could argue that matthews is responsible in allowing his wife to die. But one could also assume that his wife knew that they weren't current on the taxes.

Rev. Edward G. Palmer

A legal fund has been established to help Andy defray the costs of gaining custody of his daughter Natalia. He needs everyone's help. You can help Andy and Natalia by visiting http://www.james417.org and donating to the legal fund administered by Apostle Ministry. You can also read Mindy's letter and disclaimer and see a picture of Natalia. Please help Andy and Natalia and keep them in your prayers along with the rest of the children and grandchildren. Rev. Edward G Palmer

Tom Gust

Hello all my old friends. I couldn't help but put my two cents in here.I may be a little more critical than most, but I am not afraid of that Godless heathen. I was disgusted to hear and eventually find the truth out about this. I for one saw the fall of this heretic years ago. I watched his nasty little plan of deceit and greed flat-out destroy people in that place. It became evident that he was as lawless and unafraid of God as was told to us before by an 'outside' source. But, when you have no belief in God, running a rogue business like that church is the best job in the world!I thank God for opening the eyes of those who got out!!My own earthly senses want so badly to watch his downfall, but being the reformed person I am, I'll pray for him. But he can add me to his list of people that his current church-goers are not allowed to talk to. I hope all is well with those I know, God Bless!


Ex-attender here also: I did watch some of the webcasts from the church before they took them off. I cannot believe how bad it has gotten. Then he marries his daughter in-law. No wonder this guy has to have a "bodyguard" with him during his alter calls. How many people are still attending there? If I lived closer I would have to go check it out. The brainwashing takes a long time to get over. That church just about destroyed me. I was close to suicidal and felt complety worthless. My heart goes out to all that were hurt and mislead. Thank You.


I grew up in Solid Rock Church. While I was there I didn't realize anything was wrong. It is a trick that every cult uses to keep outside influences out and only feed you the information that they want you to have. If I would hear anything bad about the church and ask them they would just explain it away as "an attack of the devil" or say "don't listen to that and don't allow it into your spirit" but if anything bad would happen to people that left the church they would tell you that was a result of that person leaving the place that God called them to be. I was living in constant fear. Did my car just break down because I didn't go to church on Sunday or I didn't give in the offering? It was only when I left that I was able to see everything that was being preached was all based on their motives and was twisted to control and manipulate the congregation. The methods work so well on the ones that are still there. They believe that the devil is attacking their church because they are doing so many mighty things for God. I wonder if they feel empowered by fighting for what they think is a righteous cause. In their eves this pastor can do nothing wrong. It makes me sad to see all the marriages destroyed, houses lost in foreclosures, familys torn apart, and businesses lost from the teachings at Solid Rock.

Tommy Gust

Yeah, I always loved when that heretic would say that it was a matter of life and death if you left that place.That guy is gonna burn in the hot place! I still can't believe how many ex-attenders are still so calm about this. When people finally realize the severity of what he did to us all those years, it won't be as hard to take a bolder stand, and hope for an opportunity to confront that freak. He said things like that to keep his pockets lined with peoples money. That is all that this is about. Money. So, after the initial shock and embarrassment of being scammed, and admitting that we were taken, I hope that the rest of you ex-attenders will stop being phantoms. Oh yeah, I've started my own list. It's a list of ex-attenders who think that Bill Matthews needs to shut that place down and repent.

Tommy Gust

Sorry Andy, Mindy and Emily. I know how brutal it is to see this happening to your family. I really hate how angry I am. But peoples souls are at risk, and I hate that it's the man that I grew up with doing it! I care about you three very much, so I'm sorry that I've been so harsh.

Jeff Beaudry

Micah, right on man. Its about loving God with all your mind, heart and soul, right? Why in the world did people or churches start going mindless and start barking in the isles? The church of old, and Paul himself used debate to show the message of Christ. If Christians today don't believe that, then they should look at how many times the words "reasoned with" is in the Bible, Acts itself. We have lost how to use our minds with Christian principles. In fact, I bet if you went to that Church, or any church mind you, and asked them how they know what they believe in, they would say faith. Good, but wrong answer. The Bible says to know what you know, not know what you feel. If an atheist would walk up to us, we should be able to prove what we know instead of a blank stare and shallow "listen to the HS" response. This is the common misconception of this movement. Faith to feelings instead of logic to belief which adds to faith. Its no wonder that we Christians look like fools in the eyes of non-believers. Trust me, I know, I was mindless when I went to that church and believed what they believed...that is why my junior year in ACA, everyone hated me...I was pushy with taking the bible out of context. But thank God for new beginnings. Its important to me now to make sure that every word is studied...not just what you want. Even the word "a" can misinform if you don't know the context and study what that word is implying.

Jeanne Bifulk

Hello. I had absolutly no idea these things had happened at the Elk River Church. Things had not been right at that church for years. My husband was the youth minister there from '82 until May of '85 and we thank the Lord we left when we did.
We should have left much sooner. In fact, later on, we confessed to each other that we both felt like leaving after being there for only three weeks. We thought it would look bad if we did. We hated every single minute we were there. We knew something was wrong but couldn't put our finger on it. So , everyday, we looked at the scripture: "no weapon formed against you shall propser..." (While we were there we did make some lifelong friends with people who attended back then.)
My prayer is that you will find healing..from personal experience..this will take time. Abuse is so subtle..it effects every fiber of your being... I know.
I am so terribly sorry that this happened.

aimee skold bone

I grew up seeing Hoogenboom go to prison or wherever he went and then fled Solid Rock at age 17 convinced it was-and is-a BRAINWASHING cult. Took me another 10 years to give church another chance. Not surprised but saddened by all of this...as the good word says, the truth will always reveal itself.


Hi again everyone. Thank you Micah for this space to share our stories. It is healing to find that you are not alone. Just an update. It looks like Mr Matthews has been charged with a felony. In the Elk River Star news:


Do you think this will be the end?

I was playing around, on the internet, and saw that Jim Hoogenboom had to "restart" his church in Tuscon under a new name. I even listened to a sermon or two. Same as they were 20 years ago. No depth, just pump you up and keep you striving and going. Best wishes to everyone, Dane

Amber Zepp

First of All Hoogenboom DID NOT go to prison ms. Skold! Jeanne Bifulk...shame on you. I know about the time my father was called out to our house by the police because your husband was beating the crap out of. How dar you peaople blame all of the Matthews crap on my Father. And yes, I have been a follower of this website and I am discusted by what is being blamed on my Father JAMES L HOOGENBOOM!!!! Jeanne...are you still married???? Ms. Skold....you are misinformed! Respectfully...AMber Zepp AKA AMY HOOGENBOOM! And proud of it!

Amber Zepp

And by the way miss "ex attneder....Jim Hoogenboom started another church in Tucson under the neame of JIM HOOGENBOOM...and he and my mother are very happily married!!!!!

Rev. Edward G. Palmer

The Topix Discussion Board concerning Matthews' felony charge is at this link.


BTW - Amber, it's been 18 years. I hope the Hoogenboom family has moved on. You and your family, like the Matthews children and grandchildren also deserve our prayers. Unfortunately, many families who THOUGHT that a righteous pastor would follow in the wake of James L. Hoogenboom's sexual improprieties and unrighteous at the Elk River Assembly of God got hoodwinked by yet a second unrighteous Assembly of God pastor.

Neither James L. Hoogenboom or William Neal Matthews belong in any Christian ministry in any leadership role. It's is NOT that they cannot be forgiven by God. They can. However, they both stepped into roles they were not called to when they decided to take care of God's people as a pastor. Neither have demonstrated the unselfish concern that such a role requires. Better that both of them restrained themselves to a profession where taking advantage of people is not so easily done.

What makes the Hoogenboom affair hang on so long is the fact it was followed by the Matthews affair which is a continuing unrighteous saga in the same church. James L. Hoogenboom suffered from temptations common to all men. It is much easier to understand. However, Matthews is a megalomanic and pure evil. The stuff he has wreaked upon the people is as incomprehensible as is the fact the church suffered so much from the hands of TWO Assembly of God licensed ministers.

You are all in my prayers.

Rev. Edward G. Palmer

PS - The theft of the Elk River Assembly of God Church aka Solid Rock Church is fully documented at http://www.james417.org


I was a little kid who looked up to your dad. I'll never forget the day I found out he was sleeping around with women in the church and screwing around with the church's finances.

To be honest, he seared a distrust of organized religion so deeply in my soul that I haven't been a member of a church since.

Whether you like it or not, your father hurt many of us--especially those of use who were little kids--more than you seem capable of comprehending.

Your attempt at defending your father's name shows a complete disregard for the people your father hurt. Put simply, you couldn't have been more rude and tactless.

I'm sorry to break it to you but your father was a womanizing charlatan who hurt a lot of people.

Deal with it.


I don't want to disrespect you. My dad is Bill Matthews. I can understand what you have gone through, and continue to have to deal with.
That being said, I don't think the fact that your mom and dad stayed married says anything at all. If my mom wouldn't have passed away, she would still be with my dad. I am in no way saying all things between our situations are equal, but just because your dad didn't go to prison for what he did, doesn't mean he didn't do anything wrong. My dad may not go to prison, either. Even serving time doesn't heal the hurts caused to other people.
I speak from experience when I say, it is so hard to be a child of the perpetrator. I feel guilt for all the pain my dad has caused. I couldn't have prevented it, I am a victim of his ego, too. Amy, I am sorry for the pain my dad is causing you by breaking open old wounds. We are not responsible for the sins of our fathers, but I know that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. I wish I could look to the future and see that this would someday be over, and I could move on. I see you, 18 years later, still having to deal with residue. I wonder if this will ever be over for you, or for me and my family.


I attend Pastor Jim Hoogenbooms church now. He has appologized for his indescetions and does not in any way condone such behavior any longer. I guess one of the things that just baffles me is the simple fact that we can hold something against a person for so long. The word says that if we do not forgive then we cannot be forgiven. I have gone thru a tough life or pastors that let me down and hurt me deeply. The plain truth is that GOD expects us to forgive our brothers and sisters seventy times seven. We are ALL sinners no matter which way you look at it. the problem we fall under is the pedistal theory. we place them on pedistals and expect them to be perfect. when, in all reality, they fall and fail like the rest of us. I personally know Jim Hoogenboom. He spoke prophectically over my families life and as a result, it all came to pass. everything that he said would come to pass did! isnt that enough evidence for you to know that GOD STILL has a plan in the ministry for him? To say pastor Jim cannot be a pastor is a judgement. it is not biblical and is a bylaw by the assemblies of God. I have, like a lot of the posters on this page grew up in the assemblies. My great grandfather was a assemblies minister, so I know what it is like to have the assemblies influence. the remark that Rev. Edward G. Palmer
stated about pastor Hoogenboom not being called into the ministry is absolutely ridiculous. Thats like saying King David shouldnt have been King since he was a murderer and an ADULTERER! yet GOD kept him as a king even after his Failures. we can go on and on about how I was effected by THIER decisions and how they destroyed the way I see GOD. You have to remember thats the choice you make. The devil keeps a kingdom divied and the body wont function the way it needs to. I am speaking on a MANS behalf! I am not doing this because I condone his PAST actions, I am doing this because I KNOW he is appointed by GOD ALMIGHTY to speak on his behalf. go check him out on youtube.. you may be suprised! oh and another thing, he doesnt condone Matthews or the spirit that comes out of that church! There is not one place in the word that speaks about being SLAIN in the spirit! We have done studies on it and we know the truth to that RELIGIOUS LIE! thats all I have to say.
Respectfully, Stephen


I'm not saying Jim should not be forgiven, but he should never be a pastor again after what he did. Do you think a catholic preist who molested little boys should be allowed back into the priesthood because he "has a calling"? Once a predator, always a predator. I don't care what anyone says.
Also, I have to say, Stephen, that it is not a choice anyone would make to have their life torn to pieces, and most people don't have the first clue how to put the pieces back together. Even with help and direction, they can never be put back together the way they were.
Jim and Bill are responsible for tearing up a lot of people's lives, forgiven or not, the pieces are still not put back together. That is something that will never change.



Only GOD can place back together the pieces. he is the potter and the living water. Its all about allowing GOD by making the conscience choice to be broken and completely submitted so that they can be placed back together.

As going to the extreme of a priest molesting boys, thats still sin. we were born into it and we become a slave to it by our own doing. (psalm 51) I believe you missed some of my points. GOD uses whomever he wants. People who have murdered, been addicts, alcoholics, Homosexuals or been satanists. I have been a few of those things I listed. We do not live in the old testament times. this earth would be a pretty barren place if we did! I guess, what I am trying to get you to see from my last post and this post is a few things. One. we are forgiven and given a new life. the LORD forgives us and leaves it in the sea of forgetfulness. Two. We cannot justify anothers PAST sins by placing him/her in a category with a pedophile priest. Sin is sin no matter how you look at it. three. Pastor Jim and Becky have helped us out and have spoken over our lives. Those things have come to pass for the glory of GOD! I said it in my original Post and I am saying it again. GOD is never finished with any of us because we are always going to be works in progress!

Like I voiced before, it is up to an individual to allow GOD to put back together the pieces. I could mull over all the times I was hurt and effected by the past preachers in my life. Yet, I make a conscience choice to say no to the past. It doesnt make my future because I move towards that goal of being renewed everyday in CHRIST.


I went to Solid Rock Church once in the mid 90s. I thought it was a total cult and it made me very uncomfortable the way that Matthews talked about tithing. My dad went there for two years and he was scammed out of a lot of money. My dad even blamed the devil for his financial woes...
He also went a little nuts and began speaking in tongues and shaking/yelling/praying uncontrollably. My parents are still together but I can safely say that this church totally tore our family apart and I'm unsure if the damage can ever be repaired.

 Joshua Fletchure

Better go find a new church, Hoogenboom is getting out of the church business. Sorry, Bro...I know how it is when your pastor quits his job.....you say he was appointed by God....if so, what a disobedient man....quitting like that.


I belonged to the Elk River Assembly of God under the leadership of Pastor Hoogenboom. What was done caused a lot of hurt. Do those involved deserve to be forgiven? Most certainly. Does that undo the damage done? No, it does not. Many people were hurt. As time passed, I often thought back to the actual messages Pastor Jim preached though. I remember hearing him say "don't follow me", or "don't look up to me". He directed people to follow God, and to give to God. He directed poeple to tithe. I honestly don't know if that money was used as it should have been, but I wasn't "giving it" to Jim Hoogenboom. I was giving it because that was what scripture directed me to do. If it was used irresponsibly, that is something the people handling the money will need to answer for. I was faithful to what I believed. I am certainly not as trusting as I was before those experiences...certainly less gullible. We joined that church because of biblical teaching by the pastors there, the joyous worship and the love among the people in the community. There was enough love in the people of that church to draw many people in - there were many, many good people who reached out to others and served the community through generous ministries. I believe that is what Jesus intended "churches" to be - groups of people with common beliefs who love one another and care for one another. It's a tragedy that it came crumbling down as it did. But it makes me wonder - was the focus of the people in the church on Jesus Christ or on Jim Hoogenboom? Jim Hoogenboom, as well as the other leaders at that church preached the truth. None of them were perfect and not everyone (always) "practiced what they preached", but we all have human faults and none of us there were perfect. I wish forgiveness brought immediate healing from hurt, but sadly it doesn't. I can't speak to what happened later under Bill Matthews leadership because I was gone, but it certainly sounded like the "biblical" teachings were gone. Jim Hoogenboom wasn't perfect , neither am I and neither is anyone reading this. But we all deserve forgiveness.

Barbara Heinitz

I enjoyed this article. The only thing you left out is that when Bill Matthews "laughs", it comes out as a deadpan ha ha ha. There's no joy involved. Just another meaningless utterance out of his mouth!

Rev. Edward G. Palmer

God directs us to make "public" the sins of those in the leadership of the Church only AFTER private efforts towards dealing with the sin are rejected. That is why the www.james417.org site exists. By going public, the sheep can THEN become informed of the evil present within their church and/or assembly. The Assembly of God message I often heard preached was to simply to "let God take care of it." Ergo, "keep your mouth shut!" and I might add "don't you know this [preacher] is a man of God?" Really?

It might sound good on the surface for people of faith to keep their mouth shut, but everyone must realize that God uses everyone to edify the body [church] at one time or the other. Hiding the truth about sin on the level we have witnessed does not edify the body. It does, in fact, defile the body of Christ. The only person that benefits when a believer "conceals" the sin he or she has knowledge about concerning those in authority is the person in authority. It becomes the ultimate spiritual power play. Getting people to ignore God's righteousness in favor of feeling good about their hiding evil?

That is what allows priests to keep molesting other children and ministers to keep abusing other families. People's pride about going public and the teaching to "let God take care of it" contributes to evil prospering within the Church.

YES, Kind David was forgiven. BUT, God also took his first born son in retribution. There was a high price to pay for such evil and indeed David was forgiven.

So, the issue is not about being forgiven by God. It certainly is also not about being forgiven by others. We, as believers, have a duty to forgive, BUT, to forgive like God does! AND, that means only after repentance has taken place. Until then, and after making your voice publicly heard, YOU CAN also actually "let God take care of it." If anyone hides sin, they are letting "Satan have his way." They are not with the God of Truth on such activity.

I'll stick by my prior statement that neither Jim nor Bill belong in any position of authority within the Church. It they have demonstrated anything, they have demonstrated they were not called to be a pastor. However, that does not mean they cannot be an effective witness for God. It also certainly does not mean that the people's whose lives have been wrecked can easily move on in life.

I believe that the Elk River Assembly of God was destined to become a powerful place of worship for God. However, Satan filled it with "licensed ministers" instead of those called to be Pastors. Real Pastors have a heart for the sheep that exceed their own person desires.

I wonder. Would ALL of this evil in the Church been manifested IF those in the know had confronted the pastor immediately, then the board, and then went public? I went public on the Church theft in 1998 and it still has been overlooked by all of the authorities meaning Bill has gotten away with a huge crime in Minnesota. However, it is not over for Dr. Bill Matthews. Only God knows what is coming next.

Having said that, I know that others knew of the evil within the Church literally years before I did. Don't we have a duty to our brothers and sisters in Christ to NOT let them get taken advantage of? Doesn't this duty extend beyond familial relationships? Yes, it does.

Thank you Mindy, Emily and Andy. All three of you have demonstrated something powerful to the body of believers and to those who read this blog. You've demonstrated that God comes first. EVEN before your earthly dad.

It is my prayer that everyone who reads this blog will get that message. God's comes first, even before family.

All of you who were affected by either Jim or Bill are in my prayers. You can move on. You can understand that God is still there. Draw near to HIM and HE will draw near to you. Place HIM first and seek HIS righteousness!


Rev. Edward G. Palmer

not perfect, just forgiven

Mr Rev. Edward G. Palmer,

You seem to be a respected man of the faith, although seem to be very confused as to who GOD is. Does GOD allow you to make choices for HIM? How many people can say, that they rule over the Godhead? Did you lay the foundations of the earth? Did you create the very heart that pounds vigorously in my inner most being? Sounds to me like your just a man. Only the created..

Heres the one question you should be able to answer with a striaght face.. Did you die for my sins, and the sins of yourself? Let me help you, NO you didn't. So what gives YOU the right to decide who can preach or who can't?

Paul the apostle was a MURDERER! Yet HE WAS CALLED! "Be not hasty in thy spirit to be angry: for anger resteth in the bosom of fools"
-Ecclesiastes 7:9

In order to continue with the hurt, one must continue to be angry. Bitterness continues to grow. You say many times to forgive and move on. So you pray for those who have been hurt, yet you continue to contradict your own words.

You are of your father the devil if you continue to commune in your own unforgivness. It's not YOUR place to say who GOD can use and who HE can't! I pray to GOD that you are convicted of what has been spewed out of your mouth!

not perfect, just forgiven

I have read over thease stories of what has happened. And I can Honestly say that there has not been forgivness. If there was, then you ALL would let GOD be GOD. Surely the God of the universe is capable of helaing and mending relatioships. You cannot judge people by their actions or anything else. You do not know whats in their hearts or YOURS.

I do not believe that it is our responsibility to hold on to things. We are to let them go. I have known the HOOGENBOOM family for over 11 years, and have seen hard times as well as good times. When I was in my deepest of sins and licking the bottom of a trash can, I was excepted back into the arms of the Lord! Remember the PRODIGAL SON?

Whos sin is greater? Yours or mine? God looks at SIN AS SIN. WE ARE NO BETTER THAN THE STREET WALKER DOWN ON THE CORNER, OR THE COKE HEAD WITH 6 LINES! 18 Years? Are you kidding me? The only reason that things haven't been put back together or mended is because you haven't allowed GOD to do it!

When GOD said that He did not come into the world to condemn the world, but that the world would be saved through HIM! He ment it! The condemnation that has perplexed mankind has been from the father of lies. Satan wants people to live continualy in strife and dicord! We are infact watching BIBLE PROPHECY come to pass!

Do we really have the time to talk about other people and their sins from years ago or today?! Obviously some arent to concerned. I am not in anyway saying what they did was right! What i am saying is let the BITTERNESS go and allow GOD to move in your life like he wants too!

No body knows when their last day is! No one. Worrie about your relationship with God and leave the rest up to HIM. Pray for the LORD to forgive you for holding onto the past! I pray that the GREAT I AM will move in this situation.

Mike Block


You are about as clueless as a smiling two year old walking towards a pedifiles grasp for a lollipop.

Good luck with the outcome of your situation when you hang around Hoogemboom. You have been warned....

From one who knows....

Woman of Faith

To Rev. Edward G. Palmer: After reading info at your "links" it appears you are using the Bill Matthews tragedy as a means to draw people into your ministry (james 417.org) and to sell your books. You have joined the ranks of other self-proclaimed "knowers of the truth" who are using the internet these days to pull people away from the local church. Christians truly need to be wise as serpents in these last days and not fall prey to those who think they have unlocked secrets and discovered new revelations of "TRUTH". As recorded in Jude 19 NASB: "These are the ones who cause divisions, worldly minded, devoid of the Spirit". I recall a wise man once said "there is nothing new under the sun"

Eyes To See

Hoogenboom was seen with a slim short blond female at a high school football game without his wife in Tucson, Arizona. His wife is said to have moved back to Indiana. It is unknown if they are still married. Hoogenboom is preaching from a small store front with 10 people attending.

Karen Hawkins

While the cats away the mice will play....some things just never change....guess who Hoogenboom is playing with now ? His wife moved to another state, but Mr. Hoogenboom isnt lonely at all. One of his little blond past church members is divorced and taking such god care of hoogenboom while his wifey is away.

silent witness


Timothy berma

Jim Hoogenboom is shacked up with the chunky blond that lead the song service in his church. Her name is Lori Engles. Lori and her husband divorced while attending Jims church, she was best friends of Jims wife, Becky. The good Pastor is shacked up with his female song leader while Becky is finally divorcing him. The church Jim Hoogenboom pastored is now a bar. Jim works out of his love shack doing collections. Dont take my word for it, go find out for yourself. He is laying low, hiding his sins. I am sure his family is going through a lot of paion and disappointment. Please keep them in your prayers.

Former Member

I was sorry to see how Amy, Jim and Becky's daughter boldly lied in her post. Furthermore, I am sorry that the editor did not check to see if her accusation was even remotely true.
If the post from 3-3-2015 is correct, please keep the Hoogenboom family in prayer.

Former Member

This is the same "former member" who sent the last post.
I am wondering why Amy isn't defending her father now?
Hopefully, however painful it will be, she will realize what her father is.

Lee Blake

It is true. Jim Hoogenboom is shacked up with a whore. This whore is Lori Engels. She and her hubby, Mo, divorced under Jim Hoogenbooms pastorship. Jim went against Mo, because he was having sex with the church whore, the dear sister lori. Becky , Jims wife was so blind to what was going on. Becky is a good woman. Mo was a good man. Lori was the singer at Jim Hoogenbooms disfunctional church, Compassion Christian center, which is now a night club. Becky finally got smart and is divorcing this scum bag, but God is watchng and Jims health is declining rapidly...diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. You dont do such evil anfd get God's blessings. Jim works with the wicked man RICK FRANZ in the corporate collection business. Only Jim and Rick are left, and one man that is wanting to get out of the business.This wicked business has been sued for fraud...not surprising with the dynamic demonic duo, Rick Franz and Hoogenboom, running it. GOD'S JUDGEMENT IS ON THEM. THEIR BUSINESS WILL FAIL. RICK FRANZ WILL REAP WHAT HE HAS SOWN . WHAT HE DID TO DARLENE FRANZ IS DISGUSTING. I KNOW HOW HE ROBBED HER, TURNED HER OWN CHILDREN AGAINST HER, ABUSED HER AND HER CHILDREN. The dear Pastor, Hoogenboom stood by, approving all the wickedness. RICK FRANZ IS ON DATING SITES. HE SAYS HE IS 56 YEARS OLD, HE IS PUSHING 70 !!!! THESE TWO GUYS ARE LIARS. THEY RUIN LIVES.I feel most sorry for Joshua Franz. He looks like a lost young man since Rick and Hoogenboom taught him to hate his mother, filling his young mind full of lies, hate, etc..this boy is so messed up. If you pray, please pray that Joshua sees the truth about Rick Franz and Hoogenboom. I feel sorry for him and Child Protective Services should take that boy out of that horrible situation. Rick Franz is a horrible father and a bad man..and his partner in business and in crime, Jim Hoogenboom is just as evil.

The ol' Wagonmaster

I attended Hoogenboom's CCC in the early 2000's, about the time word started getting around the church about Jim's Elk River history. Apparently some already knew but chose to keep it to themselves for their own reasons. However when the articles from the Minneapolis newspaper were seen there was no denying the truth any longer and people had to make a choice. Some left angry & hurt. Some backed Jim up. But many attendees were too flaky and not bible-grounded enough to even understand the implications. A few former members were attacked from the pulpit in attempts to destroy their credibility; Jim even instructed the congregation to "renounce" these folks' ministry and whatever contact they may have once had with them. Crazy times. I remember Lori, always the 'second-in-command'; the multiple warring music leaders; and the late Dexter who had his own Elk River 'history', unbeknownst to us. Wonder whatever happened to that Building Fund money?
Then there's this: http://datingpsychos.com/psycho/7801/Rick-Franz

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