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January 05, 2008



Did you write that story? It is really nicely done. What a sad twist though.

Jay Jorgenson

That's a good story. The ending was predictable, but at the same time unexpected. Publish that

T. Nathan

What a sad reality. No one to give thanks to. No one to glorify and no one look forward into eternity for. All one would have to look forward to is death and the day when it will happen. It was as if he was disappointed that death (the great escape) had not come to visit him. He wanted nothing to do with a second chance at this life. Welcome to the planet. Few do unless thay have tasted it.


well-written, thought-provoking, and profound, but so depressing. i'm trying to decide if that's a good thing, but i think it is. the stuff mentioned by T. Nathan is true - it's a bit of an Ecclesiastes kind of conclusion. life without the Lord Jesus is meaningless. so is death.

Micah L.

People ask me why I like stories with unhappy endings. It seems to make more sense, in a story populated with people whose hope is in something other than God, that their hope would be crushed in the end. It's a little experiment of mine to see if a point can be made with equal force that way rather than the opposite way. Maybe better sometimes. Jesus told stories with unhappy endings (the rich man and Lazarus, the guy who had his debts forgiven and then went after the guy who owed him a few bucks, etc.).


Really good story, Mr. Hacim!

So when does this great 21st century novelist emerge?

Micah L.

Sadly, Mr. Hacim has passed away after a long and courageous battle with cancer of the pseudonym.


i insist you write that book you always talk about! i'll even let you use favorite grandma's sweet old-fashioned typewriter which just happens to be in my possession. ;)

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