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December 08, 2007



stay grounded in the Lord's goodness, friend. i'll keep praying for you.

T. Nathan

Press on good friend. Press on in Christ alone!


I praise God for what He's doing in you through this. Still praying for you.

Candy Berquist

Micah, Have been reaching deep and asking the Lord to
let me intercede for your family in a way only the Spirit of God can touch. Please send me yours and your folks' email address.
Have listened to Ben's funeral-thank you for posting it-I would've been there if I'd known. I've been on this site-I am so amazed and yet not surprised to find what a sensitve, deep, intense man you have become. I pray for you to continue to desire His desire and His Will for your life. Wow-what a deep well. I can feel your mom's music through you if that makes ANY sense...With His Love, Candy Berquist

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