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July 02, 2007



heresies, all of them.

Micah J.L.

Here I stand.

Scott Rzeppa

You son of a bitch. You do not know the first thing about baseball. The only good idea you have in part is getting rid of the DH. But only having an 8 man lineup would ruin the game. Having a pitcher bat greatly increases the strategy in the game and gives the game subtleties that only true baseball fans realize and understand. As far as your other half-assed ideas. Errors are an incredibly important stat in determining the true value of a player. Getting rid of 3rd base and 1st base coaches is dumb as hell. The reason for them is that a runner doesn't have eyes in the back of his head. He cant see the whole field while running and would have to constantly be looking to the outfield for the baseball to determine whether or not he should run to the next base. There would be no more scoring from 2nd base on a single, which is one of the most important tools that a team has in run producing. As far as the Cubs go. They have the most loyal and faithful baseball fans of any other team. The fans don't need wins to enjoy the team as other fair-weather fans do. They can just sit in the bleachers with a cold beer and enjoy watching the team that they have loved their whole life. You are a complete jackass. I think you need to stop watching baseball all-together. I speak for fans in general when I say we don't want someone like you watching a sport that you dislike and obviously know nothing about.

George Carr

The first idea got me thinking. Personally, I don't want to watch a batter who isn't capable at the plate. Dropping the requirement for pitchers to hit would eliminate the DH and equalize league ERAs.

George Carr

Todd Rademan

Rzeppa, you're the idiot and I love baseball more than any sport. He makes a much better (and funnier) argument than you do. He's right, If a major league player (who gets paid minimum 500,000 a year) can't get the out, it should be a hit. They count it as a hit if it's "a spectacular play" but don't throw the runner out, ---what's the difference, the player got to the ball in both instances. And the Cubs should be blown off the face of the earth, but hey, I'm a Brewers fan, what do I know? Yes, letting pitchers hit is SOoooo much more fun and strategic...they know he's gonna bunt if there's a runner on, how is that more exciting???

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