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June 21, 2007



I may be a die-hard Vikings fan, but I love Favre! He's John Wayne with a football.

Micah J.L.

Blasphemy! Recant or die!!!

Luke Middleton

Thanks for the great laugh me and my co-worker got.

When you headed to Maine? A week and a half ago, the new bridge and observatory in Bucksport was officially dedicated to my wife's late uncle. FYI if you're there.

Micah J.L.

I'll be there the last weekend of July. I'll be sure to stop and see the bridge.

Luke Middleton

I have a friend whose a Packers fan (who lives in Maine and has a Brett Favre tatoo (football with Packer logo and Favre autograph)). A couple years ago, during the eigth consecutive offseason Favre was considering retiring, I asked her if she thought he'd be back. She said she thought he would. I said something like, "Well, heaven knows what you guys would do without those league-leading 30 interceptions." The absolute evilest of evil eyes was then directed on me. If looks could kill ... whew.

But, I suppose I'm just as incoherent with my love of the Celtics...

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