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April 18, 2007



Here's a loophole for you. This applies only to Viking games. You can be a Packer Backer like me!

And what about the NFL network replay games?

Oh Micah, I don't know who you are anymore!


So much conjecture. Wow, I felt led to do it out of obedience. I don't need another reason. The more I think about it the more it appears that the Spirit is leading me in that direction. I sense that the Spirit is leading me in that direction more and more every day. Oh, to truely turn around and head in another direction. Repentence, what is this beautiful reality? How many of us have captured it to any extent? We are all in such desperate need of a Savior. Now, once Christ has found us and saved us, then we need to be properly educated in the Word of God. How often does this happen? Not often enough. We are being brought up in Churches today that don't teach us how to defend our so-called faith. What have we captured here? A world of trouble? Let's find out. Time will tell


So, basically you CAN follow the season--know the storylines, results, etc. AND you can watch highlights on ESPN, etc...

Also, you CAN watch season-ending DVDs that will put you in the spirit of the season, giving you a chance to see the big plays we'll all be talking about...

Except for the part about "no live NFL games" your experience sounds similar to mine. I'm a huge Vikings fan, but live out of area and can't watch them so must suffer through with the crumbs of recaps, etc. (which isn't so bad).

I say this not to minimize your efforts--by no means! You will still get to experience much, and once you start, it won't be that tough (it's all in the mind and heart). But look at what you will have gained--new perspective, self-control, increased intimacy with God (we hope), and perhaps, a new joy for life.

I have found the pull to sit on the couch on Sundays and ignore my kids to be very strong. But on those days when I get up and take them to the park instead, I'm always far happier. When I do this, I honestly don't mind scrubbing up the highlight leftovers at 11:00.

Luke Middleton

Wait -- so people who follow the Vikings don't naturally want to skip an entire season?

Ironically, this morning I had to send an email withdrawing myself from next year's commitment to write fantasy player notes for a site that publishes at NBA.com and will soon be published at ESPN.com. (I know, "You mean people don't naturally want to avoid all things NBA-related?")

Even without cable, I'm able to write and talk at length about the NBA. Good luck to you. It's all about the heart.

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