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October 12, 2006


Frank Martens

I'm thinking about hitting up the north campus this weekend with my sister. Will you be there?

Send me an e-mail.


What about guys like Pete Rose? If a New York Yankee can be the one we are saved by, are all accepted?


All are accepted. In the Babe there is neither Jew nor Greek nor Yankee nor Twin.


Furthermore, even though salvation is from the Yankees, he is a true Yankee who is one inwardly, and his praise comes not from George Steinbrenner, but from ESPN.


In other words, pin stripes are of no value here, for ESPN looks at the pin stripes of the heart.

But pin stripes are indeed of value if you keep the law, but if you don't hit at least .400 in the post-season (A-Rod) your pin stripes have no value.


I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Hilarious!


My son, the world's most devout Yankee fan, is currently studying John Calvin. Your post is the icing on the cake!!!

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