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September 25, 2006




We look so good. Wait - what are all those pesky waves in the background? They do absolutely nothing for my skin tones.
Excuse me, I need to go find my part.

Mary Gaby

Nice pictures! I was shocked to see you in them. :-) Keep posting them. Hey, the mystery is all gone now.

Chuck Wolk

I grew up on that shoreline. I lost count many years ago of how many times I dipped my toe into the ice bath known as the Great Gitchigoomie. As a boy growing into manhood, I remember sitting on the shoreline and wondering what it would be like to see the many cities the ships going between the peers would be like.

When I was about 7, my 17 year old sister pointed out across the lake and outlined with her finger, what she said, was the form of a giant who was sleeping. She had me convinced that the barely visible mountain range across the waters in Wisconsin was actually a sleeping giant named Paul. That is the day I first heard of the story about Paul Bunyon and his blue Ox, Babe.

Interestingly, my first memory of reaching puberty was also on the shoreline of Lake Superior. It happened when I was three Months shy of my 13th birthday in the summer of "69". I am the youngest of a family with 8 children, 4 boys and 4 girls, and my sister, who was 14 at the time, invited me to tag along with a couple of her friends as they went to Park Point to go swimming and sun bathing. I will always remember it as the day I realized just how much I liked girls.

One of my sister's friends, Tammy, was very pretty, and she was always nice to me, but in an older sister way. Well, that day she was wearing a white two piece bathing suit that left very little to the imagination. Believe me when I say, that my imagination was so active that afternoon that, even the ice cold waters of Superior could not keep my secret thoughts from being read.

When my sister invited her little baby brother to go swimming with her and her friends that day, I doubt she or her friends ever expected me to exhibit signs that I was entering puberty. Needless to say I was told under no circumstances would she ever allow me to tag along when she went swimming with her friends again. To be honest, I felt so embarrassed about my inability to control my response to seeing Tammy in a two piece that I wasn't in any hurry to show my face around her or my sisters other friends for a very long time.

I haven't visited the shores of Superior nor anywhere else in Minnesota in almost 30 years. My Oldest sister left this world prematurely in 1980, while my parents followed her to heaven within the last 10 years. I live in Northern California now, while my other surviving siblings are scattered throughout this once great country. My former 14 year old sister now lives in Yuma Arizona, and only God knows what became of Tammy, but I bet she continued breaking many a heart without even realizing it in her days.

Whenever I come across photos, videos, or hear news from that part of the country, my mind is flooded with a myriad of memories. Memories that take me to another time when the world was still small and I was naive enough to believe stories of giant woodsmen who had blue Oxen. A place God created by speaking it into existence. As i write this, I am sure that there is a boy looking out to that great lake with thoughts about far away places, as he enters the next phase of his journey to manhood.

Thanks for the memories of a long ago time and place, that will always be remembered by me,,,,,,,as home.

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