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August 24, 2006



Your theme music made reading that whole post worthwhile. I'm still laughing.

Benjamin A. Oetken

Two reasons for posting: First, I want to support your theory that more people will comment on your football post then on your resolutions. Second, I must disagree with the outcome. I could be biased but I feel the Steelers would beat the color right out of the Colts and would take out any team in the weak NFC.


got a problem with the Bears pal?


Okay, so I am commenting on this and not your resolutions, but I did really like them and I've found myself remembering some of them when I have sinned in certain areas. I also notice you really like old school uniforms. Maybe it's just because I didn't grow up watching these teams in those uniforms but I'm not partial to them.

Jack Bauer

I just wish that we still had an NFL team here in LA.


You guys must have too much time on your hands if you read this whole post.

Frank Martens

I skimmed it. :)

Clearly I still have too much time on my hands.


We may have read it, but you wrote it :) And amen to having a pro team in LA.


That's why the theme music was so funny. At first, I laughed because clearly you have too much time on your hands.... and then I realized that I actually read the whole thing.

And then showed it to some people in my office. *Sigh* The irony of it all...

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