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August 04, 2006



Sweet mercy! This, I would have to say, would be one of the tears-streaming-down-my-face-reads.

I'm trying hard to remember the last time I've laughed so hard so as to produce a crying effect.


This coming from a guy for whom cheeseburgers and frozen dinners in a cardboard box are a staple.

Gotta go... I'm meeting a friend for rotten peanuts.


Amen, brother. I come from a family that loves coffee and my older sister, who is the Michael Jordan of coffee, has worked in coffee shops for the last 7-10 years and I hate the stuff. I have to admit that I like the smell but I can't stand the taste.


Actually, I think the smell is just as bad as the taste. I can't stand walking into a coffee shop and getting hit in the face with that odor. Whenever I am dragged along to one of these places I just order a Coke and go wait outside.


My hate for coffee has turned to love. I wrote about my personal coffee history once:


JoAnna Martens

OMG I freaking love your blog. It's my favorite blog of the week. Offically.

Mary Gaby

Hilarious! You've made me laugh a lot...and I couldn't agree more. The few times that I've had it, it's with lots of cream and sugar. AAggghhh!...how can people drink it black it's beyond me.


Wow, I'm glad to hear that coming from someone who lives just a few miles away from Columbia.

special monkey

I was hoping to find out more about rotten peanuts. While I love a good cup of coffee, there are plenty of alternatives to the company you mentioned, here in New York anyway. And while I love coffee, and rotten peanuts, they taste different to me. Rotten peanuts can almost have the complex character of some cheeses. Best of regards, Special Monkey

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