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June 03, 2006



re: number 5
furthermore, while there may be no "i" in team, there is a "me"...


Hmm, good point. I wonder if anyone's ever slipped up and said, "There's no me in team."

Jack Bauer

>>>2. "We shocked the world!" -- I'm pretty sure there's a billion people in China who don't really care. <<<

The "don't really care" catagory could also include the rest of Asia, most of Europe, Africa, Australia, South America and most of Canada and Mexico.

Jay Jorgenson

there is a "me" in "team" however. it can also be rearranged to spell out "meat."

Jay Jorgenson

Are the Raiders in this case changed to the Patriots, or does it go to the Giants? I don't think the Raiders have anybody that knows what a football is in Oakland.

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