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June 09, 2006



Ahh, the comments of someone who doesn't like a game of finesse. I guess the greatest game in the world isn't for everybody ;) (By the way, if you don't think that b-ball is physical, you should play the post. It can be brutal.) Maybe it would be easier for you to like it if you eased into it. Don't try to watch the whole game, just watch the fourth quarter. And even though they beat Anaheim, I have to root for Edmonton (that is, if I watched it).


Sigh...whenever I try to watch the last couple minutes of a b-ball game it ends up taking an hour because all they do is foul, foul, foul. What they need to do is eliminate the clock and just see who can get to 100 first (or more mercifully, 50) so we can do without the end of game shenanigans.

I honestly tried to get into it when the Timberwolves started playing back in the late 80s. I even played in high school but quit after one game because I just simply couldn't understand the point.

Luke Middleton

LOL. To each their own.

Not that popularity means something is good, but I found it humorous that Game 1 of the NHL Finals was watched by fewer households (611,000 altogther) than the Arizona-Northwestern women's softball game on the same night. Ouch.



It's a strange world.

Luke Middleton

Thought you'd like to know that I watched the last seven minutes of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. While listening to Piper.

At least we know that we have really matters in common.



Hey, I'd rather hang out with a Calvinist basketball fan than an open theist hockey fan any day.

That's not a bad combination - listening to Piper while watching hockey. I might try that with basketball. Sometimes when I'm watching baseball I like to turn down the sound and crank up some Mozart or Beethoven. It makes the third inning seem so much more dramatic.

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