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May 04, 2006



wow. keep these babies comin' - they're so fun.


The irony in that story is killer (no pun intended). I'm kind of depressed now.


Did you say that you were on a road trip lately?


...and the last post you left had a 'gone fishin' sign displayed...bro, you going Fyodor Dostoevsky on us? (Kidding.)

Seriously, Micah, this short story could, and should, be published. A whole new genre of literature would be born: cessationist fiction. ;)

You're a great writer, bro. -AG

Bonnie Isabel

seriously...i will dump you as a friend if you don't try and get that published. that was amazing!

Luke Middleton

I have to admit, I was afraid this was based on a true story.

As far as the lost art of story-telling goes...a great story. Well done.


Compliments mean a lot when they come from the best writers I know so thank you.

Earl, Aron, Luke, don't worry, it's not a true story. I'll give the story behind the story in my next post.


Bonnie, I entered it in a short story contest (which cost me 15 bucks!) so we'll see. Can I still be your friend now?

Mary Gaby

Great story! liked it a lot...a little bit of suspense and curiosity keeps you reading. Careful with those visions!

JoAnna Martens

With some tweaking and a little more elaboration we can make a short film. :-)


did you ever get this published? because any idiot who wouldn't publish this is...well...an idiot.

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