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April 06, 2006



jets @ vikes... sunday, december 17th.




a favre fan

Brett favre a legend...
he is more that what you will ever dream to be. your team could not add up to this guys arm alone. he has made the number 4 what it is, he has made the green bay packers not only a team but the best team that will ever live. you cant stop him... as long as he is determined than you may as well lie down on the field and tell your self its over.


Okay, now pass that joint over here.

Kidding, kidding. Yeah, he's great and all, but I am bound by geographical loyalty (though I'm not particularly happy about it right now), so what can I do?

Free Brett Favre

Show your support for Brett Favre at Free-Favre.com

http://www.free-favre.com - Sign the online petition


Help the cause and check out www.favregate08.com. I am seeing these all over southern Wisconsin.

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