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January 21, 2006



So, you got to see/hear the "debate", eh? Sounds like it was pretty anticlimatic. I expected it would be. Pagitt doesn't impress much when one reads his blog or his books. Comes across as very arrogant.


The first entry summed up how the debate transpired well. My concern was for all the young people that attend an Emergent Church. The education system has made the educational "experience" the main focus. If 2 + 2 = 5 and you feel really good about that, that is a good answer for you.
Now these kids go to church and hear the same thing about "feeling good". They need to hit the truth! Pastor Bob presented that!


What has happened to exclusive audio by Bob Deway and Doug Pagitt. Since January I have had no success in opening up the file. I keep getting a "darkside" file that lasts only a few seconds.

I am really interested in hearing this. I have periodically come back to your site to try it and to no success.


I'm sorry, it's supposed to be a joke. Probably not a very good one. (Check out the movie "Strange Brew.")

I think you can order a CD of the debate on Bob Dewaay's website: www.twincityfellowship.com

Paul Tilley

Funny how people can view the same thing from totally different perspectives. Alas I Can have no respect for anyone, especially a so called leader, who attacks other members of the family and then allowing others to cheer such a comment (Catholic bashing).

Micah J.L.

I have no idea what you just said.

Suzie B.

Greetings! I just tripped into this blog as I was looking at links about Pastor Bob DeWaay to find out more about the person who supposedly uttered this statement: "The Bible's theme is about redemption and atonement, not finding meaning and solving problems." Huh??? That statement threw me for a loop. I have no idea what Pastor DeWaay preaches, but from Paul's comment above, I would take a gander that someone in a Protestant church leadership position (a pastor perhaps?) said something negative about the Catholic faith, and that's what Paul was referring to (not being able to respect leaders who "bash" other faiths) since we are all one big human family with different religious and spiritual beliefs. Have you read Howard Storm's book, "My Descent Into Death"?

Micah L.

No, I have never read Howard Storm's book. Tell me about it.

Amy H

Why did some people get the idea that this post was about a Catholic-bashing event??? Was it because another church is now prostituting itself for geo-political power and relevance in a culture of morons and this is confusing to them, as the Catholic church held the corner on this market for so many centuries?

Besides, if a Catholic discussed their 12 things they believe, they might, however clouded by man-made tradition, remember to mention Jesus' blood, sin, confession, and heaven (oh yeah, Pagitt forgot about heaven while striving to make universalist spiritual Earth-topia).

This is sorely lacking in Pagitt's gleaming post-doctrinal vomit.

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