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May 06, 2005



That is a great idea! Okay, I'll do it tomorrow (free cell phone minutes).

I have already spent a good part of my morning clicking the red button...


P.S. Would we need to go in order so none are repeated?


That would probably be a good idea. Why don't you take Romans 9 and then assign Romans 10 to somebody else. Then we just keep on going through the N.T. and then start over in Genesis. (We may have to find an auctioneer to do Psalm 119 because the time limit is five minutes.)


Good idea. Romans 9 is one of my favorite chapters because it was pivitol in my thinking. God really turned my eyes to see that it is Him who chooses us, not vica versa. This is going to be great!

Miss Spirit Sprinkles

Wow. Apparently, I'm not as pressed for time as I thought. The big red button was hard to resist.
I love the audio blog idea. If only I were a blogger. But I'm cheering you on in this endeavor. It is only fitting.

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